How to play

Use WASD or the Arrow Keys to move your car around.

The speed at which the car moves towards each direction depends on the car you choose at the start screen.

Pick up gas cans and tool boxes while avoiding hitting other cars.

Gas cans increase your score and the gas gauge. Keep the gas gauge from getting empty.

Tool boxes increase your score and decrease your car damage. Don't let the damage gauge get full.

Your score also increases over time. Reach the level's maximum score to move to the next level.


Your web browser must support WebGL and WebAssembly.

Be sure that your browser is up-to-date.


A bit of history

You may have noticed that there's a "3" in the game's title. So, where's the other 2?

Well, Highway Hot Pursuit 1 was an Adobe Flash game made more than 10 years ago, in 2008. It was ok, but I never felt like publishing it.

A few years back, late 2017 I think, I heard of the Godot Game Engine. At the time, I wasn't interested enough to check it out, but left a note on my desktop to take a look later. So, this year I finally decided to try it out, by remaking Highway Hot Pursuit on it. And that was how HHP2 was born.

Both games were "endless runners" though. But, after a friend suggestion, I decided to add levels to the game and a ending. I, then, added the option to pick a car as well. And that became HHP3.

As you can see, this game's concept is a bit old, but I hope you can enjoy it anyway.

Thanks for checking my game out and reading all this! :)

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